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Xpediant Digital Launches Version 6.0 of the XpConnect Platform, the Most Comprehensive Low Code Solution Yet for Delivering Digital Content to Market.


“Version 6.0 of the XpConnect Platform can achieve faster time to market and reduce costs by up to 65% by simplifying, streamlining, integrating and automating manual interventions,” states Xpediant Founder & CEO Qusai Mahesri


Xpediant Digital today announces availability of Version 6.0 of the XpConnect Platform, the most advanced integration and automation solution yet, fully integrating and automating the Digital Asset Supply Chain between Adobe AEM and Veeva Vault PromoMats while enabling a Single Authoring Solution for all channels, Automated MLR submissions, Modular Content and Analytics. These prevalent silo’d solutions in the pharmaceutical & life sciences industries now operate seamlessly, with V6.0, integrated and automated.

“We are excited about this latest release since it supports Veeva’s commercial content capabilities to help customers drive their modular content strategy,” states Xpediant Founder & CEO Qusai Mahesri. “Modular Content Builder can take  customer content from Veeva Vault PromoMats and turn it into experience fragments to be assembled using our Modular Content Builder within AEM. This critical functionality enables modular content to be utilized in an organization.”

Xpediant Digital has launched over 21 years ago and works across multiple verticals. The firm thinks bigger than a marketing agency and more creatively than a systems integrator, harnessing the power of integration to turn vision into reality while building products to fill high-value needs.

Managing enterprise-level digital transformation can be daunting, but Xpediant assists clients through the planning, goal setting, roadmap creation and stakeholder involvement required for successful martech initiatives. Xpediant leverages a blend of proprietary technology and industry-leading accelerators to successfully deliver martech projects on time and create meaningful returns on investment.

Working with some of the largest and most respected companies in the industry, Xpediant Digital delivers on ambitious digital transformation goals, including post-deployment needs such as RunOps, Enhancements, Managed Services and more. Xpediant Digital is located at 5444 Westheimer Rd Suite 1000, Houston, TX 77056.

Media Contact: Peter Schwartz, Xpediant Digital, 520 609 2921, Peter@jibeconsultants.com