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Xpediant Digital is a Leading MarTech Product & Services Firm

Xpediant Digital assists clients in executing successful marketing technology initiatives, using a blend of proprietary technology and industry-leading accelerators to deliver projects on time and create meaningful ROI.

Digital Experience Solutions with Measurable ROI


Xpediant can help you through the planning, goal setting, roadmap creation and stakeholder involvement required for successful MarTech initiatives.


Xpediant leverages a blend of proprietary technology and industry leading accelerators with our 20+ years of experience to successfully deliver your martech projects and create meaningful ROI.


We work with some of the industries largest companies to deliver on their digital transformation goals and beyond, including post deployment needs such as RunOps, Enhancements, Managed Services and more.


Xpediant’s Impact on the Digital Asset Supply Chain

Reduced Creative
Design Time​
10 %
Reduced Web PDF Creation Time
40 %
Reduced Regulatory Package Build time​
30 %
Saved for Clients Across the Digital Asset Ecosystem
$ 0 M+

How can Xpediant help you?

Xpediant Digital is a next-generation solutions company that is committed to the pursuit of digital experience, integration, and optimization within the marketing ecosystem. Our company has been in business for more than 20 years and has worked across multiple industries. 

✔  DAM Optimization and Experience Design: We help you make the systemic changes needed to enable new technology initiatives.

✔ Modular Content: Leading Modular Content strategy and technology execution to improve marketing output up to 50%.

✔ Familiar Experience: We work with the tools you already know how to use, and make them better, keeping training to a minimum.

Xpediants Services: Content Supply Chain, User Experience, Technology Solutions


We specialize in integrating and automating the digital asset ecosystem from designing through publishing using our core products including XpConnect® Platform, XpGenerator®, and XpOmniChannel™ Framework which enables Modular Content. Our goal is to help you create content faster, more cheaply, while improving output and content re-use.

XpConnect® Platform
Life Sciences Industry
  • Bi-directional Integration

  • DAM Layer Configuration

  • Sync Between AEM and Vault

  • Meta Data Mapping

  • Single Authoring Solution for all Channels

  • Modular Content Enabler

Regulated Industries
  • Web PDF Generator

  • Full or Incremental Backups

  • Deployed to Your AEM Instance

  • Eliminate up to 90% of Archive Time

  • Storage to Location of Your Choice

  • Perfect for Compliance and Audits

Modular Content
  • Build a Template Library

  • Pre-approve Content Modules

  • Reduce Build Time

  • Maintain Brand Consistency

  • Reduce Errors

  • Fewer MLR Review Cycles

Client Testimonials

What Customers Think About Us?

Maurice Musilli
Maurice Musilli
VP, Business Process Re-engineering - Adaptive Marketing

“From analyzing our Web site architecture and making solid recommendations to installing, customizing, and testing the needed applications, Xpediant has helped stabilize our CMS environment, increased performance, and virtually eliminated defects. Xpediant’s partnering approach has been helpful in meeting our ongoing needs.”

Scott Hurlbert
Scott Hurlbert
Director Online Services - Peoples United Bank

“Xpediant Solutions successfully migrated our Web sites to the latest version of the OpenText Portal and Content Management systems. This brought us the best content processes, workflows, and a great platform for online marketing. Plus, Xpediant’s team was great in helping our employees learn about the administration, development, and deployment of the new system. Together, we’ve lowered our cost of ownership and have a multi-bank branding and content management system.”

Peter Chiapanno
Peter Chiapanno
Associate Director, Emerging Technologies & Digital Strategy - Novo Nordisk

"We went down this journey where we found the content supply chain to be really inefficient. We asked ourselves is there a technology-based application where we can connect two platforms, adobe and Veeva, and how can we fit those two to work together and be more streamlined. That's where we partnered with the Xpediant team to build out a solution. An asset cost a hundred thousand to do in the previous model for a single tactic. In this new model, what you’ve done is then created all of your assets that can be used across all tactics, essentially a 4-1 return."

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