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Enhance productivity with our versatile and time efficient Process Automation Software. Our product offers the perfect mix, featuring a powerful and highly configurable PDF generator for desktop, mobile, and web.

Generate PDFs of a single Adobe Experience Manager web page, a selection of pages, or entire websites with ease using our time efficient, configurable, and process automation solution, XpGenerator®.

With XpGenerator®, you can configure it to output PDFs in any viewport width required. This product is designed to assist regulated industries and ensure effortless compliance.

XpGenerator® integrates with your existing regulatory compliance software for complete submissions the first time, every time.

Users familiar with Adobe Experience Manager can efficiently utilize XpGenerator®. Our intuitive interface enables non-technical users to automate the entire regulatory compliance process easily.

XpGenerator® is a feature-rich regulatory compliance solution. Whether you need configurable cover sheets or the ability to combine the output of all PDFs created into a single PDF with summarized key metadata, XpGenerator® has you covered.

Replace error-prone and labor-intensive processes required to comply with archival regulations with XpGenerator®. Our solution automates the entire process and can be configured for a ‘set it and forget it’ approach, saving thousands of dollars.

XpGenerator® is an automated regulatory compliance solution designed for the Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, and other regulated industries.

Be ready if the regulators come calling. Whether you need a single page or the entire website, XpGenerator® ensures that your regulated content is always captured and easily retrievable.

Beyond backup, XpGenerator® creates regulatory submission packages, confining single pages, multiple pages, or entire websites, complete with cover pages and time/date stamps.

Experience the convenience of securely storing files across multiple platforms, whether you choose cloud storage, local servers, or other solutions. Our compliance automation tool ensures data organization and easy access retrieval.

XpGenerator® optimizes the archival process, reducing compliance and audit labor requirements by up to 95%. With a user-friendly interface and task automation, our time-efficient solution enables you to maintain regulatory compliance.

Read How Our Enterprise Clients Use XpGenerator®

AbbVie, a global biopharmaceutical company, struggled with the manual preparation of PDFs for Medical, Legal, and Regulatory (MLR) reviews. This process was time-consuming, costly, and prone to errors. AbbVie partnered with Xpediant to implement their PDF Generator tool, XpGenerator®. 

AbbVie seamlessly integrated Xpediant’s XpGenerator® into their MLR review workflow. Initially training a select group of users, they planned for scalability as tool usage grew. AbbVie also onboarded agency partners to ensure smooth collaboration and reap the benefits:

  • XpGenerator® automates composite asset creation for MLR review, cutting manual effort and time.
  • Integrating with AbbVie’s content management system streamlines web page submission for MLR review.
  • PDFs can be viewed on desktop, tablet, and mobile viewports for review across devices.
  • MLR project numbers and page URLs are automatically printed, enhancing traceability and reference ease.


AbbVie collaborated with Xpediant Digital to enhance their MLR review process and deploy Xpediant’s XpConnect® solution, achieving the following:

  • Integration with Veeva Vault Promomats (VVPM) for MLR review and automatic creation of submission packages for ISAs authored in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).
  • Integration of asset expiry dates in AEM to automate asset deactivation and eliminate document expiration compliance risks.
  • Development of a seamless workflow to push authored IVAs to VVPM for MLR review, including desktop and mobile viewports and component interactions.
  • Implementation of a feedback retrieval system in AEM to access PDFs with reviewer feedback and notifications for necessary changes.
  • Integration with iREP CRM for seamless distribution of ISAs authored in AEM, enhancing accessibility and usability on iOS devices.

XpGenerator® is a time-efficient and compliant PDF solution that includes process automation. It allows you to work efficiently.

AEM 6.X on premise or in the cloud

Regulated companies required to store back-ups of their website for compliance and submit PDF packages to any internal regulatory system.

Yes, viewport widths (desktop, mobile and tablet) are customizable with no limit

Yes, metadata is included in the cover sheet including a list of images and links on the page