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We leverage our expertise to solve costly challenges for regulated industries through purposefully built products. Ask us how much you can save!

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Xpediant Digital is an innovative technology and services company who is committed to eliminating tedious manual labor across the digital asset ecosystem.  Millions of dollars are wasted each year on tasks that could be automated by technology, freeing up both time and resources to focus on strategic and creative work. From design through publishing, our core products are helping clients create content more efficiently, reducing both time and cost, while improving output and content re-use.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences – Pharmaceutical – Biotechnology – Medical Device – Nutrition

Pharma Marketing Architecture


Xpediant’s XpConnect® Platform is a disruptive technology that integrates and automates the siloed martech (Adobe), regulatory and FDA approval (Veeva Vault PromoMats (VVPM)), and Veeva CRM ecosystems at Pharma/Life Sciences companies. It uses Adobe AEM as the single authoring solution for all channels. The user experience places the author at the center of the solution enabling change more effectively. 

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