Integration, Consolidation, Aggregation, oh my!

As responsibility and, more importantly, budget ownership of the MarTech stack moves out of marketing and into IT another shift is happening. Companies are embarking on projects to not only consolidate but aggregate the many applications they have acquired over time. 

In Pharmaceuticals integrating new and existing technology across the value chain to drive performance, efficiency, and collaboration in an effort to impact patient outcomes and experiences at scale is the focus. 

Connecting disparate systems to create efficiency, drive down cost while producing cross-channel patient and HCP content continues to be a challenge. XpConn

  1. Integration with Aggregation Platforms: XpConnect® can serve as an integration tool to connect various marketing and IT platforms within the tech stack. It can help aggregate data, workflows, UI, and governance from multiple sources, making it easier for marketing and IT teams to access and use information from a single source. This is particularly valuable in a horizontal aggregation setup that spans across departments (Reference: Tech Stack Aggregation
  2. Simplified Data Aggregation: XpConnect’s capabilities to aggregate and automate data from diverse sources can benefit marketing operations. It can help marketing teams gather and manage data from different sources, such as cloud data warehouses or CRM platforms, making it easier to orchestrate marketing activities and analyze performance at scale.
  3. Streamlining Cross-Organizational Services: XpConnect® can aid in streamlining cross-organizational services and data access. By connecting various tools and platforms in the tech stack, it can make it easier for marketing operations to tap into new data sources and services, enhancing their ability to innovate and make data-driven decisions.
  4. Efficiency and Automation: XpConnect’s automation capabilities can help marketing operations save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on managing technology infrastructure. This frees up more time for building efficient processes, better customer experiences, and employee enablement, which aligns with the emphasis on giving marketing operations more time for value-added activities. (Reference: Tech Stack Aggregation)
  5. Data Governance and Control: As tech stack aggregation often leads to increased IT governance over integrations, XpConnect® can assist in ensuring data governance and compliance. It can help manage data flows, ensuring that data and processes meet the required standards and regulations.

In essence, XpConnect® can act as a key enabler in the tech stack aggregation strategy, promoting data integration, automation, and efficiency while supporting marketing operations and IT teams in harnessing the power of aggregated technologies to deliver better processes and outcomes.