Efficient Spending Using MarTech

Xpediant Digital helps our clients solve their complex MarTech and content challenges and improve efficiency, lower costs, and increase agility in an omni-channel world. We do this by providing expert delivery of services coupled with purpose-built products.

Of course, these types of abilities do not materialize out of thin air. Xpediant Digital has over two decades of expert experience in the MarTech field. This has allowed us to expand operations to three physical centers around the globe that employ over 50 team members. We have now executed hundreds of successful projects in numerous fields, including Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, Medical Devices, Financial Services and Manufacturing.

Xpediant Digital knows that at the end of the day choosing a marketing technology solution is often about not just getting the job done right but also keeping your overhead low. And I am proud to say that our clients regularly stress their appreciation of our ability to control spending while achieving their goals using MarTech.

The reality is that smart implementation of your MarTech strategy can save money. So, for example, we never recommend more tools in your MarTech stack than make sense. If your company just requires email marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools, then that is what we recommend. And if at some time in the future social media management and project management tools become necessary, then we recommend adding them. But not before. We know that spending unnecessarily is a recipe for failure.

And we also have seen from years of work in the field that customer experience must be integrated into platform design from the start. This is another way to help clients save money, including by minimizing rework and development costs associated with complex design. So, we make sure that customer experience is central to our work.

Another way to lower costs is to set clients up for faster speed to market, another hallmark of our work. One way to increase speed to market is through the smart use of routinized, repeatably processes that are automated for efficiency, consistency, and accountability. And that is why we leverage leading technology platforms to deliver transformative solutions, including Adobe Experience Cloud and Salesforce.

For all the reasons outlined above, and more, the best way to keep costs low is to make sure your MarTech efforts are crafted and implemented by a firm that has excellent experience and know how. And every day for over two decades we work overtime to make sure that Xpediant Digital is that firm.