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People’s United Bank partnered with Xpediant Digital to develop a comprehensive solution focused on multi-bank branding and services consolidation. Leveraging OpenText CMS, they achieved consistency across brands, reduced costs, ensured compliance, and enhanced maintainability.

People’s United Bank, with $21B in assets and over 300 branches, experienced rapid expansion from 3 to 11 websites in just one year. This growth necessitated a solution for multi-bank branding and consolidating services to mitigate costs, ensure compliance, and enhance maintainability.

  • Expansion from 3 to 11 websites within a year led to fragmented branding and operational challenges.
  • Increased cost of ownership, compliance complexities, and difficulty in maintaining consistency across branches.

Xpediant collaborated with People’s United Bank to create a comprehensive solution, which included:

  • Development of a new website, regionalized to reflect its diverse brands, following multiple acquisitions.
  • Implementation of OpenText CMS for efficient content management.
  • Integration of OpenText with existing systems to streamline workflows, metadata management, and reporting processes.
  • Successful implementation of multi-bank branding ensured consistency across all 11 banking sites.
  • Consolidation of back-end technologies led to a reduction in costs, improved compliance, and enhanced maintainability.
  • Improved user experience delivering 15% YOY increase in site visits and a 12% YOY increase in visitors across the bank sites.
  • The new website with personalized regionalization was delivered in less than six months – on time and on budget.

The collaboration between People’s United Bank and Xpediant resulted in the successful implementation of a multi-bank branding solution, addressing the challenges posed by rapid expansion. By leveraging OpenText CMS and integrating it with existing systems, the bank achieved cost savings, improved compliance, and better maintainability. This case study highlights the importance of engaging with strategic partners that deploy innovative solutions to combat the challenges associated with rapid growth and evolving business needs.