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Novo Nordisk sought to streamline its digital content authoring capabilities. Through their ongoing innovation partnership with Xpediant Digital, Novo Nordisk is poised for continued improvements in speed to market and cost reductions, underscoring the benefits of a unified content authoring platform.

Founded in 1923, Novo Nordisk is a leading global healthcare company whose purpose is to drive change to defeat serious chronic diseases, built upon their heritage in diabetes. Their digital content technology stack includes industry solutions such as Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) for content management and authoring and Veeva Vault PromoMats for MLR (Medical, Legal, Regulatory) review and Digital Asset Management (DAM).

Despite deploying these best-of-breed solutions, their digital asset ecosystem remained inefficient, primarily due to lack of integration and automation across their Digital Asset Management ecosystem. Novo Nordisk’s goal was to achieve better content reuse across their brands and AoRs, including integrating and automating their Digital Asset Management ecosystem to drive efficiencies and accelerate speed to market improvements.

Our team engaged with key stakeholders and outlined our solution oriented approach for streamlined content authoring as follows:

  • Defining and documenting our client’s goals and objectives
  • Reviewing the current state of the existing foundational technology platforms
  • Outlining the authoring, content, and the integrated/automated ecosystem

Once this work was done, we began defining specific content authoring strategies required to establish a single source of truth for all approved content. We then developed a “create once, publish everywhere” (COPE) strategy, and integrated authoring (AEM) to MLR review (Veeva) to build the foundation from which modular content can thrive while also enabling automated MLR submissions, significantly reducing time to market for new content.

Novo Nordisk then drove the change management process for all of their brands and AoRs, establishing key policies to drive the behavior required to fully leverage the newly integrated content supply chain and Xpediant provided the training and ongoing support for the platform.

The value achieved by integrating and automating the Digital Asset Management ecosystem using the XpConnect® Platform has been significant. Furthermore, while the primary emphasis was focused on speed to market, notable increases in both MLR submission quality and overall cost cost savings are being seen.
With this platform in place, as well as ongoing innovation in partnership with Xpediant, Novo Nordisk is positioned to enjoy continued improvements in speed to market and cost reductions.

The benefits of a single content authoring platform cannot be overstated – enabling a superior overall user experience for our Content Authors through simplifying and expediting the process of creating, reviewing, publishing and reusing content.