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Invesco, a leading global investment firm, partnered with Xpediant Digital to reimagine its content management capabilities and to reduce compliance risks. By implementing a unified content management system and transitioning to an open-source platform, significant efficiencies were achieved, resulting in significant cost and time savings.

Invesco is a renowned global investment firm committed to expanding its clients’ possibilities. With over 8,400 dedicated professionals across 26 countries, they utilize their passion, integrity, and expertise to cater to their clients’ needs. They have been entrusted with managing $1.7 trillion in assets, providing their clients with confidence in size, scale, and stability, and taking immense pride in their care and attention to detail.

  • The Client has 5 different business units across continents and had dozens of websites that were being managed independently on a variety of platforms.
  • Content was duplicated in many cases.
  • Operating is a highly regulated environment meant Compliance risk was high.
  • Given the disparate nature of their current platform, changes to the site(s) were cumbersome and costly.
  • After defining the client’s business goals, Xpediant proposes implementing a single content management system.
  • Xpediant then defined the end-to-end Digital Asset Management process. 
  • Xpediant created an architecture framework that allowed the client to have a visually appealing front end, a business rules middle layer (search platform) and a back-end repository, all powered by the OpenText Web Experience Platform.
  • Given that the client has numerous systems that consume these assets, reuse and asset versions control was improved dramatically. 
  • After several years of improved operation, a further cost reduction directive from management caused Xpediant to recommend a move to an open source platform. 
  • The client was able to take advantage of the architecture designed by Xpediant to transition the site from the more expensive search, portal and experience management platform. Xpediant replaced it with Magnolia CMS, Solr search engine and micro-services.
  • The time savings for building websites was improved by almost 60 percent.  
  • Conservative savings estimates for the client are nearly $500,000 per year.  
  • The reimagined digital asset manager process led to a reduction in third party creative agency costs, driving higher alignment, reuse and asset leverage.
  • The cost savings of moving away from the commercial experience platforms to an open source platform saved the client over $400,000 in maintenance and licensing costs annually.

Invesco, a leading global investment firm, partnered with Xpediant to reimagine their content management system and reduce compliance risks. Significant efficiencies were achieved through implementing a unified content management system and transition to an open-source platform, resulting in annual savings of nearly $900,000. This strategic collaboration has optimized operations and positioned Invesco for continued success.