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Goldman Sachs’ AIMS Division sought to elevate their customer engagement by offering personalized investment options beyond their own funds. Goldman Sachs selected Xpediant Digital as their strategic partner to deliver the innovative technology to increase customer engagement and business growth.

Goldman Sachs’ AIMS Division embarked on a mission to enhance customer engagement by providing personalized investment options beyond their own funds. To achieve this, they selected Adobe CMS as the experience platform and partnered with Xpediant to develop a new site tailored to their high net worth investors.

  • Limited options for customers to explore investment opportunities outside of Goldman Sachs-managed funds.
  • Need for a comprehensive platform allowing customers to research and access information on external Managers and Funds.

Xpediant collaborated with Goldman Sachs’ AIMS Division to deliver a comprehensive solution for customer satisfaction, including:

  • Development of a new Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) platform with custom components and OSGi services.
  • Utilization of technologies such as Lucene Search, Analytics, and Adobe CMS for optimal functionality.
  • Successful delivery of a new AEM platform providing personalized investment options to high net worth investors.
  • Increased customer engagement with a 22% spike in pages per session.
  • More engaged users with a 118% increase in session duration.
  • Improved efficiency and usability with custom components, OSGi services, and an intuitive user interface.

The collaboration between Goldman SACHS AIMS Division and Xpediant Digital resulted in the successful development and deployment of a new Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) platform, revolutionizing customer engagement for high net worth investors. By leveraging Adobe CMS and implementing custom components, the platform provided personalized investment options tailored to each customer’s profile. This case study highlights the importance of strategic partnerships and innovative technology in driving customer satisfaction and business growth in the financial services industry.