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Bristol Myers Squibb, a global biopharmaceutical company, partnered with Xpediant Digital to improve its content management and compliance capabilities. The collaboration underscores the value of an integrated content ecosystem and purpose-built platforms, transforming the content supply chain and authoring capabilities.

Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS), a global biopharmaceutical company, embarked on a strategic collaboration with Xpediant Digital to enhance its content management process and regulatory compliance processes. The goal was to integrate their content ecosystem, streamline asset management, and accelerate the authoring of critical materials, such as interactive visual aids (IVAs) and rep triggered emails (RTEs).

BMS identified several challenges in their content management  and regulatory compliance processes, including:

  • Lack of integration of their content ecosystem leading to inefficiencies and inconsistencies.
  • High number of MLR resubmissions due to incomplete or low-quality initial Medical, Legal and Regulatory (MLR) review submissions.
  • Lengthy authoring lead times for IVAs and RTEs impacting time-to-market and resource allocation.

BMS and Xpediant Digital embarked on a digital collaboration to address these inefficiencies with the following objectives:

  • Integrate their content ecosystem and establish a ‘single source of truth’ Digital Asset Management (DAM) system within Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).
  • Reduce the number of MLR resubmissions by improving the completeness and quality of initial submissions.
  • Accelerate the authoring process for IVAs and RTEs to drive cost and time savings.

Xpediant Digital collaborated with BMS to implement our proprietary software solution, XpConnect®, to integrate their content ecosystem and establish a ‘single source of truth’ DAM in AEM to streamline asset management and ensure consistency. 

  • Automated processes and workflows enhancing MLR submission quality and speed to market.
  • Development of a unified platform for authoring IVAs and RTEs, resulting in time and cost savings.
  • Elimination of document expiration compliance risk.
  • Improved efficiency in supporting changes and updates, with time savings of 20%-35%.

The collaboration between BMS and Xpediant Digital highlights the value of integrating the content ecosystem and leveraging purpose-built platforms to streamline processes, improve regulatory compliance, and drive significant cost and time savings. By implementing solutions tailored to their specific use cases, BMS successfully transformed its content supply chain and authoring capabilities, positioning itself for continued innovation and growth in the ever-changing pharmaceutical industry.