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Integration, Consolidation, Aggregation, oh my!

Integration, Consolidation, Aggregation, oh my

Integration, Consolidation, Aggregation, oh my! As responsibility and, more importantly, budget ownership of the MarTech stack moves out of marketing and into IT another shift is happening. Companies are embarking on projects to not only consolidate but aggregate the many applications they have acquired over time. In Pharmaceuticals integrating new and existing technology across the […]

Migrating to AEM as a Cloud Service

Migrating to AEM as a Cloud Service

“Migrating to AEM as a Cloud Service: The Innovation Odyssey” Introduction: Having glimpsed the boundless innovation potential of AEM as a Cloud Service in our previous blog, it’s time to embark on an innovation odyssey. In this second part of our visionary series, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to navigate […]

Embracing AEM as a Cloud Service

Embracing AEM as a Cloud Service

Introduction: In the relentless evolution of the digital landscape, innovation isn’t just a choice; it’s the driving force behind every successful business. Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) has been a trusted companion in the digital realm, but now, it’s time to take a quantum leap with Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service. In this visionary […]

The Importance of Corporate Culture

Having been in business for several decades, I’ve been asked many times “What is the most important aspect of selecting a technology partner?” And I always say the same thing: I see corporate culture as the most crucial factor when selecting new technology vendors or partners. And it’s something I’m proud to have built at […]

Efficient Spending Using MarTech

Xpediant Digital helps our clients solve their complex MarTech and content challenges and improve efficiency, lower costs, and increase agility in an omni-channel world. We do this by providing expert delivery of services coupled with purpose-built products. Of course, these types of abilities do not materialize out of thin air. Xpediant Digital has over two […]

Relaxation and Work: A Recipe for Success

According to a Gallup survey, fully 74% of employees “experience burnout on the job at least sometimes.” The survey goes on to show that “burnout is so pervasive in US workplace cultures that people probably think it is inevitable, and some may even wear it as a badge of honor.” So, we clearly have a […]